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Living Room Ceiling Water Damage

Soaked Ceiling Tiles From Broken Pipe

Older house water damage.Homeowner experienced a pipe leak in the ceiling, which created her drop down ceiling tiles to warp and soak, before spreading to other ceiling areas and walls.Our team came in immediately and removed all wet tiles and wood and placed down drying equipment.#teamluzzi #teamwork #waterremediation #waterloss

Old Bethpage Wet Basement

The hydrostatic pressure following the rainstorm forced water into the basement of this Old Bethpage home. The water can be removed quickly to prevent extensive damage. Our SERVPRO team can use special cement to help seal the cinderblocks once they have been dried.

Levittown Storm Damage in a Bank

The wind and rain left a "deposit" in this Levittown bank of water and messy acoustic ceiling debris. Our SERVPRO team arrived and immediately went to work to clean up the storm damaged building without disrupting customer service for the tellers.

Rain Damage Through a Roof in Bethpage

The roof leaked substantial rainwater into this Bethpage home gym. SERVPRO techs removed some acoustic ceiling tiles to replace and dry the attic. Assorted equipment is drying out the floor and walls.

Kitchen Fire in Old Bethpage

Another unattended cooking led to this significant fire damaged kitchen in Old Bethpage. Fortunately, our SERVPRO crew arrived soon after the call for help and immediately began to dispose of the charred debris. Rapid removal mitigates the overall fire damage--fewer malodors and more time and space to remove any water.

Bethpage Wet Carpets

The SERVPRO tech is hitching a ride on a "Rover," a powered water extractor. The added weight of the team member forces the water from the fibers in this Bethpage office to dry out the flooring without removing it. Let disruption, business can go on as usual.

Levittown Attic Mold Removal

Why call SERVPRO to remove mold from your Levittown home's attic? The answer, we used advanced equipment like dry-ice blasting, which scrapes away the mold without introducing additional moisture to help proliferate mold growth. Neat, dry, and safe--the right way.

Levittown Mailroom Water

This facility in Levittown was inundated with stormwater following a sudden and severe thunderstorm. The shelving and inventory required immediate relocating to prevent secondary water damage, including rusting. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. Ready when you call to keep your business operational.

Levittown Flooded Basement

The groundwater from the storm flooded the basement entrance, as shown in the Photo. SERVPRO arrived quickly and suctioned most of the stormwater with a trash pump. Then we can begin the drying process.

Removing Levittown Soot and Smoke Damage with SERVPRO Dry Cleaning Tools

This Levittown property needed fire cleanup and demolition services from SERVPRO to salvage the property. Technicians like the one in this photo implemented ceiling cleanup with tools like dry cleaning sponges, which effectively mitigate dry, loose soot.

Levittown Water Leak

Our SERVPRO technicians are performing a controlled demolition on this Levittown home's walls and plank flooring. The water leak was repaired beforehand. Our goal is to minimize the damage caused by the water leak and restore the laundry room to its preloss condition.

Bethpage Water Damaged Carpet

The pulled carpet from the tack strip allowed the air movers and this dehumidifier to dry out the fibers and pad without tossing them. SERVPRO strives to preserve, restore, and not replace our Bethpage customers' building materials, contents, and belongings.

SERVPRO Dries a Crate& Barrel in Manhasset

We saved the day for local shoppers when we worked thru the night to complete the drying of this retail store. Our job is to keep our customers' doors open for their customers. The dehumidifier and air movers have almost completed the drying process. Can be open by 10:00.!!

Flooded Levittown Building Aftermath

The exterior flooding damaged the Levittown structure and wicked contaminated groundwater through the cinder blocks and fir strips. Our SERVPRO crew set up a drying cowl to focus the water extraction and drying to the immediate affected wall. The flood cuts, allowed for minimal reconstruction.

Bathroom Fire Disaster Cleaned by SERVPRO of Levittown / Bethpage

The bathroom in this photo required restoration services by SERVPRO of Levittown / Bethpage to return it to a clean, preloss condition. Fire cleanup includes debris removal, demolition, odor control, sanitizing fixtures with EPA-registered biocides, and rebuilding services.

Bethpage Water Removal

It took air movers and dehumidifiers to complete this Bethpage kitchen's water damage restoration service. Rapid water removal mitigates the damage and our customers were pleased that no demolition was needed. Our SERVPRO team had the kitchen up and running for the dinner meal. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

SERVPRO of Levittown, Bethpage is Ready to Restore 24/7

SERVPRO of Levittown, Bethpage helps homes like the one in the photo shown with their restoration needs 24 hours a day, even on weekends and holidays. This fast-responding crew can minimize damage to structures and contents through proactive cleanup.

Bethpage Storm Damage

This place of worship in Bethpage was storm-damaged, leaving rainwater dripping through the roof. Our SERVPRO team arrived quickly to protect the pews and interior with large polypropylene sheets. We can then set up the scaffolding to repair the breach and dry out the structure.

Levittown Storm Demolition

The stormwater penetrated the attic and damaged both levels of this Levittown home. SERVPRO brought in a dumpster for containing a large amount of demolished building materials and some furnishings not salvageable. We can isolate various areas of the structure to expedite the drying process as our dehumidifiers complete this phase of a large project.

Levittown Small Kitchen Fire

The homeowner quickly put out the grease fire on the range in this Levittown kitchen. Fortunately, the ABC fire extinguisher was located under the sink base cabinet. SERVPRO's job was to use dry chemical sponges to wipe down the soot-covered surfaces and cabinets. No repainting is required! We completed the fire damage service with a ULV fogging to neutralize any remaining odors, "Like it never even happened."

Levittown Water Drying Service

The air movers and dehumidifiers in this Photo were positioned by our SERVPRO techs in this Levittown commercial building. We responded swiftly to mitigate the water damage caused by a faulty sprinkler system and prevent any demolition. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Storm Damage in Plainedge

Strong wings dropped this maple tree on the roof of a Plainedge house. The storm damage begins with removing the tree and then covering the damaged roof with tarps to prevent entry from inclement weather or critters. SERVPRO has the team and equipment to respond to mitigate the damage rapidly. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Office Water Leak in Levittown

The cubicle in this office at a Levittown firm suffered a water leak that saturated the carpet, boxes, and furnishings, as shown in the Photo. SERVPRO removed the chair, was ready to reposition other items, and then dry out the floor with a portable wet/vac and an air mover.

Plainedge Charred Attic

SERVPRO, with a rapid response to this Plainedge house fire, can mitigate the fire damage. Removal of charred building materials such as insulation is the first step. Our techs can restore pleasant indoor air quality by fogging the attic crawl space.

Flood Cuts in Levittown

Groundwater can significantly damage sheetrock and furnishings. Our SERVPRO techs have removed the contaminated and non-salvageable drywall panels from this Levittown home. Our equipment is drying out the interior and reducing the RH to protect assemblies.

Basement Flooding in Bethpage

The washing machine dumped many gallons of water onto this semi-finished basement in a Bethpage home. The water wicked into the drywall and required removal since it was crumbling. The air movers are completing the drying process of the concrete pad and framing along with the interior wall void.

Plainedge Water and Mold Damage

The leak from the split drain hose soaked the wall behind the washing machine in this Plainedge utility closet. The black mold covering the drywall and the baseboard was on the surface. Our SERVPRO AMRT tech can use a gentle soda ash pressurized stream to remove the fungi. No demolition is required.

Levittown Office Building Water Damage

The supply line for the fire suppressant system burst at a fitting, causing ceiling damage and floor flooding. SERVPRO responded rapidly to this Levittown structure to secure the ceiling and extract the pooling water. We can help 24/7/365.

Levittown Flooded Rooms

The deluge soaked this room with water that entered from a driving rainstorm. The Levittown homeowner called SERVPRO immediately, meaning storm damage mitigation reduced the damage to the drywall and a portion of the carpet. We can dry out the area, apply an antimicrobial agent, and then rebuild the storm damaged room

Levittown Fire and Smoke Damaged Loft

The firefighters extinguishing efforts left a thick, messy film of soot on the surfaces of this Levittown loft. SERVPRO responded swiftly with a two-pronged attack
Wipe away the soot stains with the proper detergents and chemical sponges to prevent repainting
Air filtration with scrubbers and foggers to neutralize the foul smoke odors
We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Bethpage Water Damaged Ceiling

The Photo depicts a water damaged ceiling caused by a plumbing failure in the attic. SERVPRO can remove the hazardous ceiling panel to eliminate safety risks and dry the attic void. We can then hang new drywall and paint the water damaged ceiling.